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Selected  Character Traits

  • Honesty - Truthfulness; sincerity
  • Trustworthiness - Reliable; dependable
  • Empathy - Identifying with, participating in, and understanding anotherís feelings, situations and motive
  • Sympathy - Sharing or understanding the feelings of another person
  • Loyalty - Faithfulness to a person or ideal
  • Responsibility - Accepting personal accountability; acting without continual guidance or superior authority
  • Respect -  Honoring others with courtesy and consideration
  • Compassion - To be sensitive to the needs of others together with offering support
  • Perseverance - Keep to a course of action, belief or purpose, without giving way
  • Integrity - Consistent adherence to a moral code or standard of moral values
  • Contentment - Feelings of happiness and a sense of well being
  • Kindness - To act humanely with consideration of others
  • Courage - The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., with firmness; to act in accordance with oneís beliefs, in spite of criticism
  • Optimism - The belief that goodness will prevail; cheerful hopefulness
  • Assertiveness - Taking action with confidence and respect
  • Generosity - Sharing unselfishly oneís time and resources
  • Humility - To consider the happiness and success of others to be just as important as your own
  • Self-Control - Choosing to manage oneís emotions, desires, or actions and respecting the boundaries of others
  • Self-Motivation - An intrinsic drive to satisfy a need or achieve a goal
  • Appreciation - Recognition of the quality, value, significance, of people and things
  • Cooperation - To work together to reach a common goal
  • Fairness - To treat people without favoritism
  • Forgiveness - Extending grace to self or others; ceasing to resent
  • Patience - Resolving to remain calm through trying situations

Character Trait of the Month:

Cooperation - Working together to achieve a common goal

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