Lee's Summit Community of  Character



  • Martin Luther King Service

  • Thanksgiving Service

  • Support city officials and school character programs

  • Sponsor Character city events by donating use of facilities, labor, food, child care, etc.

  • Mayor’s Character Breakfast

Goal Statement

The faith sector endeavors to build character among religious believers by enlivening the faith of individuals and congregations in our community through worship, prayer and outreach.


Personal and communal expressions of faith will benefit our local community and provide a strong basis for shared values.  Such religious values as compassion, generosity, peace, unity and tolerance will lead to improved lives for the stakeholders. 

Key Action Steps

1.      Support the Character initiative through a sector leader who is engaged in the Character Council and attending the meetings of the Council.

2.      Support the annual Mayor’s Character Breakfast by helping host, nominating honorees and by encouraging attendance by pastors and other faith sector participants.

3.      Distribute character articles and other information through email contacts with pastors as available.

4.      Use the Lee’s Summit Ministerial Alliance monthly meetings as a means to promote the activities of the Character Council through monthly meeting reports.

5.      Encourage churches and other faith communities to publish character articles in their bulletins and newsletters.

Character Trait of the Month:

Cooperation - Working together to achieve a common goal

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